Lobbying & Legal Team

Jack Jacobson, President

For nearly 20 years, Jack has represented corporations, coalitions, nonprofit organizations, and associations before federal, state, and local governments and policymakers. As a policy advisor, he works with clients on a variety of matters related to the regulation of cannabis, including banking reform. Jack understands his clients' business models and uses their market differentiators to more effectively engage Congress and the administration.


Becky Dansky, Esq., Executive Director

In June 2015, Becky joined the State Policies Department at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) as legislative counsel. During her time at MPP, Becky worked closely with advocates and lawmakers in Pennsylvania to assist in the passage of Act 16, which created the state’s first medical marijuana plan. In addition to monitoring the implementation of that program, Becky worked on marijuana-related legislative campaigns in Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Carolina. In June 2018, Becky left MPP and began work as an independent consultant and marijuana policy expert.